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“CAMP” by Dan Curry

by ArnoldCoC

Several people have moved to our congregation recently and may have questions concerning the summer camp that Arnold supports. It is located in Southeast Missouri, just a little north of the town of Bloomfield, MO.

“Proper Estimation” by Josh Robinson

by ArnoldCoC

There are many things in this world that can be different than they appear. We can have the wrong idea or assumption about something and it can cause our entire conception of something to be false. For instance, take the phrase, “eyes bigger than your belly.” In this case we are hungry, but we overestimate what we can actually eat. Another example is meeting someone who is famous. The most common thought that people have after meeting someone like this is “I thought they would be taller/bigger.” We have the impression that they are larger (grander) than they really are. Along these lines, I always have this problem when I go to watch a football game. When you watch football on TV, you get the impression that the field is HUGE; but every time I sit in the stand, I’m reminded how small a 100-yard long field really is.

“IT” by Dan Curry

by ArnoldCoC

We all desire to have ‘it.’ ‘It’ seems to be elusive at best. When we encounter ‘it’, then we want it all the more and will return or perhaps, stay where we found it. This depends on our perception or maybe the perception of someone that we trust.