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“Perfect Resolutions” by Josh Robinson

by ArnoldCoC

This is the last Sunday of the year. On Wednesday, we will be in the New Year. During this time, many folks will make resolutions. Some will resolve to lose weight; others will seek to get out of debt. What are your New Year resolutions going to be? Might I suggest some that would be “perfect?” How about some spiritual resolutions to start 2014?

“Happy Birthday…To Me?” by Josh Robinson

by ArnoldCoC

Today is my 32nd Birthday! To some that may seem very old and to others no doubt it may seem very young. To me, it feels like just another day. People always ask you on your Birthday if you feel older, wiser, or any different. To me it always seemed like I have been 32 for some months now, as I’ve been closer to 32 than I have to 31. All this talk of birthdays and growing up has gotten me to think on my spiritual birthday.

“Prison Update” by Dan Curry

by ArnoldCoC

You are in prison. Wait, what kind of an update is that? That is not what you may have been expecting from the title. Well, if you want an update on the actual prison work in progress, then you simply may get a newsletter from the website or the same place you got this bulletin. Now, back to the article.