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“New Testament” by Josh Robinson

by ArnoldCoC

According to a story on, “New Testament stops bullets, saves man.” “If not for the Bible, the bullets would have gone right through his heart. … Rickey Wagner, 49, was shot three times at point-blank range and stabbed in the arm, but survived because both bullets aimed at his chest were stopped by a New Testament devotional bible in his front pocket” (Julia Lull, CNN 2/25/14). This story got me to thinking.

“Going for Gold” by Josh Robinson

by ArnoldCoC

As we have tuned in and watched this competition over the last 17 days, let us keep in mind that we are involved in a spiritual Olympics every day. The opening ceremony was conducted the day we came out of the water raised to walk in newness of life, and we must compete and train every day until this closing ceremony where we leave this life (or the Lord returns). Are you going for gold?

“Share the Message” by Dan Curry

by ArnoldCoC

The early church went about the business of spreading the gospel message. They were focused on that and took every opportunity to teach others about Christ. The apostles had been given a command from Christ and took it seriously.

“Month of Encouragement” by Andrew Gott

by ArnoldCoC

February is the month when people often show feelings of love for one another which during most of the rest of the year goes unexpressed. Though the world often sees this as romantic love, I wanted to spend some time studying it from the aspect of love through encouragement. As we study encouragement, who better to examine than the very “son of encouragement” Barnabas? So who was Barnabas, what did he do to get the name “son of encouragement”, and lastly how can we apply it to today?