Some things you need to know first.  I am not the best driver on the road, we have a key holder right by our front door,  there is only a key fob for my Jeep (no door key), oh and I have a lousy sense of smell.  Got all that?  Okay, here is the rest of the story.

Recently, late on a Saturday night, my wife and I were returning home and about a half block from our house a skunk ran in front of the car.  My wife says, “Don’t hit it!”  Then we heard the thunk and smelled the result.

Needless to say, this was not pleasant.  We continued home, parked the car in the driveway and proceeded into the house.  We showered and went to bed to be rested for Sunday morning.  Lord’s Day morning, we get up and showered again with antibacterial soap and just hoped that we did not retain the smell.

About forty minutes before class time, we headed out to leave and that is when we discovered that the keys to the Jeep, our second vehicle, was not on the key holder by the door.  A frantic search ensued.  After having looked in all the usual places, Jill says that maybe they are in the other car.  So, I go out to look but they were not there either.

Now, I try to use the second key fob, but the battery is dead.  I then try to open it to possibly replace the battery.  The small screw is stripped.  Okay, now panic is setting in, due to the time getting short.  I text Josh, the other minister, and ask him to take his class to the auditorium and teach there.  One problem solved.

After some time and a little frustration, the key fob is opened and the battery replaced and it works!  I tell Jill to go out the front door and I will pick her up.  When she opens the front door, there in the door lock are the missing keys, the ones I should have seen earlier!!

They had been there since Friday!  We hurriedly take off for the church building and as we leave she asks me if I have my sermon, as I was supposed to preach during the worship hour.  I responded that it is in my Bible case.

We get to the building and I drop Jill off, then park, put on my suit coat and reach for my Bible case and realize that it is at home on the kitchen counter.  So, I drive back home, retrieve it and make it back just as class is ending.  Quite a morning, to say the least.

Why tell you all this?  Well, to remind you that no matter what, attending worship that morning was most important.  Life happens to all of us, but despite any difficulty, we should put God first.  Always know that He loves us and gave His Son for us.  So, do not let anything, and I do mean anything, prevent you from honoring God in all that you do.