Many people desire to be involved in the activities of the church but are not sure what exactly they should do.  They may think to themselves that they do not want to do something that is already being done.  The idea being they do not want to “copy” someone else but want a distinct or unique identity with their activity.

They may just not be sure if they will be able to be successful.  Either of these approaches has little merit or simply does not “hold water” as the expression goes.

The majority of the time the simple fact is that many just do not desire to serve the Lord as they should.  They may say, “That’s what we pay the preacher for.”  So they feel good that they help do that and isn’t that enough?

When one studies the Bible and in particular the New Testament, the work of the church was not limited to a special set of people in the church.  In other words, it was not just the apostles that did the work; nor was it just the elders, deacons, or preachers… “No”, it was everyone. 

Acts 8:4 Therefore, those who had been scattered went about preaching the word.

This verse tells us that it was those who had been scattered.  Many of the apostles stayed in Jerusalem but other Christians went about doing the Lord’s work.

Read the last chapter in Romans and see all of the brethren who were commended for their service to the Lord, both men and women.  They did not leave the title question unanswered.  They found ways to serve and be of benefit to the cause of Christ.

Some question what it is that prevents the church from growing as it once did.  I would suggest to you it is Christians who ask the title question but never find an answer.

Perhaps, the best response is not to ask the question, “What can I do?”  But instead have an “I CAN” attitude and begin doing the Lord’s work.  There are more opportunities to get involved in than you may think, so make a determined commitment to do just that and begin today.

Great things can be done today and in the future.  Be a part of it.  Seek out and find a way.   Even if someone else is doing it, more than likely they can use the help.