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“Be A Quitter!” via Bulletin Digest 1-31-2016

by ArnoldCoC

On the one hand, we normally encourage people to not be quitters. We urge them to persevere, stay with it, stick it out, don’t give up, and finish what you started. In worthwhile endeavors such admonitions are good and beneficial.

“Guilt or Godly Sorry” by Mike Rogers, Covington CoC, TN

by ArnoldCoC

Most people think guilt and godly sorrow are the same emotional experience. They are not. Guilt often throws us into a cycle of temporary change followed by self-condemnation. Godly sorrow is more likely to result in true repentance and lasting change. Notice some distinctions between guilt and godly sorrow:

India, Here We come

by ArnoldCoC

On Tuesday, January 19,2016, there is a group of
people leaving on an airplane from Lambert in St. Louis.
Their final destination is Kakinada, India which is
located on the Southeastern coast. It is a thriving city with
many opportunities for the citizens. It is also surrounded
by agriculture, mostly rice fields. It is also a beautiful
area but the group going is not there just to sight-see.

“Make a Plan Not a Resolution” by Dan Curry

by ArnoldCoC

Much has been written about how a new year brings new opportunities for people to begin a new year with a renewed sense of hope and goal setting. Some call this resolutions. It seems to me that the idea of resolutions has become a joke of sorts to many. You know what I mean, people make resolutions and keep them until about February 3 and then they become less important and then are forgotten altogether.