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“What In The World” by Josh Robinson

by ArnoldCoC

What in the world is wrong with the world? If you’ve turned on the news lately you know that it’s not good. From riots in Charlotte, terror attacks in the northeast, shootings on the west coast, to the joke of an election process the country is indeed in a dark place. The heart of America is not what it once was. We have gone far afield of the morally upright, strong, courageous home of the free. We are now the offended, weak kneed, home of the entitled and needy. The democrats cannot save this country. Neither can the republicans.

“The church of Christ” Josh Robinson

by ArnoldCoC

rticle today that we have on our website. Under the heading “beliefs”, there is an excerpt from the late Gospel Preacher, brother Batsell Barrett Baxter. The Lord’s Church, the church of Christ, the New Testament Church, the Church you read about in the Bible is a wonderful, unique institution created by God, through Christ’s sacrifice and the inspiration of the Spirit (John 16). When discussing the glorious body of Christ, brother Baxter explained it this way and maybe it’ll help you to explain it to others. JR

“Nothing Hidden” by Dan Curry

by ArnoldCoC

Like many before them, my children were always surprised, or at least annoyed, that their Mother and I found out things that happened which they did not necessarily want us to know. Their Mom was always telling them, “You may as well be honest and tell us, since we will find out anyway.” And more times than not they did or, at least we think they did.

“Open the Vent” by Dan Curry

by ArnoldCoC

Like most modern houses, the one where my wife and I reside has vents for the central air and heating to get to the various areas of the house. If the vents are closed then the air cannot get there as easily.

“The Area-Wide Lectureship” by Josh Robinson

by ArnoldCoC

This year we have the privilege of hosting the St. Louis Area-Wide Lectureship September 15-17. I am excited about it and I hope that you are as well! The theme this year is “21st Century Evangelism” and it promises to be a great one! I hope that you are making plans to be here as much as possible!