There are some things in life that are worth more than silver and gold. We have lists we could name or we could all count our many blessings to find things that are precious to us. However, let’s focus on one

particular area.

Christian fellowship is a grand and wonderful blessing. I thought of this earlier this week while we gathered at the Soong’s home for Trunk-or- Treat. Christian friends and a Christian environment are hard to beat! It’s a wonderful blessing to have these events where we can all gather together without worrying about wordiness and sin creeping in.

It’s really about Christian family. We are all brothers and sisters together in Christ. I know, as for me and my house, we consider you all family and hope you do the same for us! Families that eat and play together stay together! We are certainly good at those things here at Arnold. We love to have any excuse to get together. I love to watch the kids run around while the parents talk and the older folks sit around the fire. A Christian “community” is the best!

However, it’s more than that. It’s more than food, fun, and fellowship. It’s pulling together in service to the Lord. It’s a common mindset and goal that directs our steps. It’s a common love that binds us together. Whenever there is a need, the brethren here at Arnold don’t disappoint.

We are an involved and active congregation. So much is going on all the time. That’s a good thing. It’s always better to be busy than slow, because it keeps us out of trouble! The fellowship we have while serving the Kingdom is fantastic. I’m so thankful that there are those who are willing to go on campaigns and mission trips. To sing at the nursing home and fill blessing bags. I’m thankful that there are those who are willing to teach VBS classes and lead Pew Packers. For those who attend meetings and singings and bring food to fellowships.

All of these things are aspects of being a Christian and having fellowship with the brethren. Now there is always work to be done and improvements that can be made. We can all strive to be at more events, and become more involved. There are always more ways for us to be of service in the Church. And that’s great! We can serve God, expand the borders of the Kingdom, and grow closer together as family.

This month many people take time to list what they are thankful for. I hope that you can list Christian Fellowship as one. Being a part of God’s family and having a loving church family is one of the greatest parts about being a child of God. I hope that this is a blessing you utilize each and every day and never take it for granted.