The beautiful fall colors of the trees are something wonderful to view and enjoy. This writer recently took a ride to look at some of the scenic views along the Missouri River west of the St. Louis area. It is an awe inspiring trip, highly recommended.

Having lived on this earth for over 55 years and in this area for over 40 years, there has been many times that similar trips have been taken. Never get tired of seeing the tapestry of fall colors that are available to behold and take pictures of each fall.

Recently learned that the colors are actually in the leaves all year long. However, when the leaves are active in the process of photosynthesis the chlorophyll produces the green dominant color. Mainly due to the extended sunshine and growth process going on much of the spring and summer. When the dormant time comes in the fall leading into winter, this process begins to slow down with the reduced sunlight. Eventually the veins close off and the other colors are visible as the leaves stop producing chlorophyll, then they fall off the trees.*

God created all of this, when He made the universe and the earth. He put all of these things in motion. We, as mankind, get the pleasure of seeing these things each year. At least, those of us that live in the temperate zones, where the changing of the seasons are most evident.

Inside of each of us there is a spirit that yearns to follow the things of God. This is possible when we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. When we obey the gospel of Jesus Christ, we begin to have the light of the Son in our lives. We begin the growth process of being a child of God, a Christian. If we decide to not obey the commands, then the influence of the Son is diminished and our growth stops. When this happens, then the other side of us, another color if you will, becomes dominant. This is not the light of Christ but the darkness of sin.

Let us embrace the love and teaching of the Son of God and allow the light of His Word to shine forth in our lives. Grow your faith in Christ each and every day, sharing its beauty with all of those in your life.