“Read your Bible and pray everyday and you’ll grow, grow, grow!” These are the words to a song we often sing to our children at VBS and other events. They are still true but not that popular in today’s political climate.

I just saw an article about how Dick’s Sporting Goods is no longer going to sell “assault-style” weapons and other such things.  First thing, “assault” rifles aren’t even a real thing.  Second, this article has nothing to do with the gun debate, your stance or mine.  What intrigued me was this statement, “Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims and their loved ones.  But thoughts and prayers are not enough.”

What?!?!  How can anyone in two sentences say that they pray to God and that it isn’t enough?  We understand that we live in a fallen world.  There is evil, pain, and suffering. Bad things happen to good people and that’s just the way it is.  It’s not God’s fault.  We can pray to Him and He will never leave nor forsake us.

This is not the first time in the past few weeks that I’ve heard the phrase, “prayers don’t work.”  James says that “the effective fervent prayer of the righteous man availeth much” (James 5:16).

Prayers are the MOST we can do for someone.  To approach the throne of Jehovah God and humbly petition Him on the behalf of another is one of the greatest acts a person can do.  To say that prayer won’t work or is not enough is absolute blasphemy.

God desires that we pray to Him through Christ daily!  In fact, we ought to be praying many times each day.  Why?  Because prayer works.  Always has and always will.  God always answers prayers.  Sometimes it’s a yes, sometimes it’s a no, and sometimes we have to wait. His ways are not our ways (Is 55:8-9); and if you want to have a better understanding why, then read James chapter 4 and 5.

We all should pray when we wake up with thanksgiving to see another day and strength and boldness to face it.  We ought to pray before we eat, thankful to have it and to use it for His glory!  We ought to pray before we head off to school or work.  We ought to pray with friends and co-workers who are having troubles.  We ought to pray for lunch.  We ought to pray for our projects and attitude that we might always be Christ like.  We ought to pray on the ride home.  We ought to pray for dinner, with our families, and before bed (FYI: pray sitting up in bed and you’ll be less likely to fall asleep mid prayer).  This is a great time to get out the bulletin/ebulletin or card list and pray for others in need.

May God bless those foolish enough to say that prayer won’t work or is not enough, for they surely need Him.  Let’s not get caught up in this anti-religious mindset.  Let us each day rise and shine and give God the glory, glory! Let us also read our Bibles and pray every day so that we grow, grow, grow!