Last month when we were in Wisconsin on Campaign, I learned a valuable lesson.  While we are conducting a service at the local nursing home, I was sitting with Nora (the young daughter of the preacher).  She was making me a present of a song book by wrapping it in her sweater, over and over again.  Her dad was preaching and I thought she wasn’t paying any attention.  He mentioned David and Goliath.  As Nora was presenting me with her “present’ again, she piped up and said, “we learned about them in Bible Class.”

Here is this small child, completely occupied with something and she was listening to the lesson.  How often do we stop evangelizing or get discouraged because we think those around us aren’t paying any attention?

It happens all too often.  We think no one listens.  We think people are too preoccupied for us to be able to talk to them.  It is often the case that we never even initiate a conversation because our perception is that they are too: busy, occupied, stressed, etc.

We can all learn the lesson that Nora taught me.  In fact, Jesus teaches the exact same thing in the parable of the sower (Mat 13, Mrk 4, Lk 8).  The sower (farmer) went out to plant and cast his seed in the good soil, the thorny (weed infested), the rock ground, and the wayside.

As Christians, it is our duty to spread the seed of the Kingdom in the hearts and minds of all we come across.  We can’t tell what type of soil the person beside us is. Even if we could, we are still supposed to take the Word to the world.  That’s what the early Christians did.  In Acts 8:4 they taught the Gospel to everyone, everywhere as they traveled away from the persecutions in Jerusalem.

What is your intention with the Gospel of Christ?

Are you committed to the expansion of the Kingdom?  Are you committed to talking to others about Christ and His Church?  I hope so.

With that in mind, how often are you actively talking to others?  Do you fall into the trap of thinking “they won’t listen/ wouldn’t care/ aren’t paying attention?”  Let’s live and talk like Christians everyday, to everyone! The person you disregard the most may ultimately be the most responsive to the Gospel message.

Remember that people see our lives and listen to what we say.  Let’s set an example and be evangelistic.  You never know who’s listening or watching and how it might affect them.