When something is viewed there are simple things that can be seen and described.  When you look at the glass in the photo, what do you see?  If you are presenting the facts you will only describe the picture.  A clear glass with some water in it.  

Now what did you really think?  Did you describe it as half full or half empty?  That is not an actual description but an observation of how you perceive the water in the picture.  Many times we will describe things based on our feelings or attitude toward those things. 

Another example is to ask someone to describe a flower.  Most will use descriptive words or adjectives intended to invoke a feeling of appreciation.  However, a factual description  will  give  things like size, color, number of petals, etc.  

Humans are emotional creatures and when we look at something, an impression of some kind is made in our minds.  The idea to take away is that facts are not feelings. 

When speaking of the things of God in Christ, some emotion is difficult to repress.  God’s love is evident throughout scripture, but His anger is also depicted.  So, when we think about God and the things of God we may be using our feelings about Him or religion in general to affect our thinking.  

The facts are that He is and always has been.  The facts are that He has demonstrated His concern for man and He has given us His revealed word, the Bible.   How we see Him is relative to how we view those facts.    

Attitude in general is usually from two opposite perspectives, like positive/negative or optimistic/pessimistic. The Bible teaches us to accept the God of Heaven  and  the  teaching contained in His Word from a positive viewpoint along with an optimistic attitude.

The facts are that God has made promises that He will keep.  How you view that fact will depend on whether you believe Him and if you desire to be a recipient.  But whether you accept the facts or not, does not change them.  Just like how you feel about the glass of water does not change the amount of water. 

Please develop and maintain a positive, optimistic attitude toward the God of Heaven and come to know that He truly cares for you.  He sent His only begotten Son to die for you and He desires for you to be in a right relationship with Him.  That will never change.