world     Missions and evangelism are a huge part of the work of the congregation here at Arnold.  From the foundation of the church in Acts chapter 2, to the establishment of this congregation in 1962, the Church has always sought to seek and save the lost.  Christianity has always been about sowing the seed of the Kingdom, and we seek to fulfill this ver Biblical mandate.

“Preach the Gospel to Every Creature”

Our philosophy when it comes to mission is simple.  Jesus said to go into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature, and to make disciples of all nations (Mark 16:15, Matthew 28:18-20).  That’s exactly what we strive to do.  We understand that world starts at our front door, and that we can’t reach the lost if we stay in side the building.  We encourage our members to make evangelism a part of who they are, not just something they do.  We should all desire to have the attitude of the early church who “went everywhere preaching the word” (Acts 8:4).  To this end we engage in the following activities here at Arnold.

Arnold Evangelism Program

There are over 6,000 households in the Arnold area, and we are seeking to reach out and contact every one of them.  To this end we have organized an effort for our members to knock on each door in Arnold.  Members are encouraged to knock 5-10 homes each week, and once per quarter we have a large group go out and canvas an area.

We also like to door knock for special events.  We find door knocking to be a good way to put a face with the name of the Church.  Just like early Christians, we desire for evangelism to have a personal touch.

Campaigns For Christ:

The Arnold church of Christ engages in at least two campaigns each year.  The campaigns are designed to promoted spiritual growth and zeal for the cause of Christ in both the campaigner and the congregation which is being helped.  The teens have been conducting campaigns, helping congregations conduct Vacation Bible Schools and benevolence work since the mid-1970′s.  The adult campaign was started in 2009 and serves to help a local congregation evangelize in conjunction with Gospel Meetings.

Atlanta, MI:

We support a congregation in Atlanta, MI.  The preacher for this congregation is Jerry Robertson.  Many areas of the United States are truly missions fields.  The Arnold church of Christ has supported, and will continue to support many mission efforts within America. Our desire is to see souls be saved, and we wish that around the world and even next door.

Montego Bay, Jamaica:

The Arnold church of Christ has been supporting the congregation in Montego Bay for many years.  We have conducted numerous mission trips to Montego Bay and other parts of Jamaica.  Starting in 2008 we began Medical Missions and have seen great progress as a result.  Every other year (next one in July of 2014) we conduct a week long medical clinic at the church building, with a Gospel meeting to follow.  During the clinic individuals can receive medical attention from nurses, nurse practitioner  , and physicans.  They also recieve medication to treat various illnesses.  We are also they only “medical mission” in Montego Bay to offer presecrition medications under the oversight of a pharmacist.  During the course of the week we will see over 1,000 patients and conduct over 300 Bible Studies.

 Somoto, Nicaragua:

The Arnold church of Christ is pleased to partner with Latin American Missions in this great endeavor. In July of 2015 we started a congregation in the town of Somoto (located in Norther Nicaragua).  We conducted a medical clinic where over 1,000 people were treated by doctors and a dentist.  We also conducted more than 300 Bible studies with those who were interested.  We were able to go door knocking in the town, as well as, conduct a second clinic in the nearby village of St Isabella.  The teens were able to go through town meeting and encouraging the local youths.  They were also able to visit several schools in the area and teach.  We are looking forward to many more trips to this wonderful place.