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Our elders serve to oversee the congregation.  They are: Jim Christian, Dan Curry, Shannon Davidson, Kevin Isenberg, and Jason Powers.


Pulpit Minister

The Arnold church of Christ is currently accepting applications for the position of Pulpit Minister.

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Avery Hackney

Youth Minister

Avery is a 2016 graduate of the Memphis School of Preaching. He and his wife Jamie come to us from West Plains, MO where he served as a minister for the Curry St. congregation.  Avery is an outdoorsman and solid worker for the Lord.


Dan Curry

Prison Minister
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Dan Curry has been a longtime member of the Arnold Congregation and has served as the Prison Minster since June of 2009. In 2012, he was appointed to serve as an elder.  In addition to his regular duties, Dan also preaches, teaches and since 2010 has gone on a mission trip to India with a group each January.

Dan is married to his wonderful wife Jill, and they have two children, Zach (married to Emilie) and Samantha(married to Adam). They also have 2 grandsons, James and Anthony, and are expecting a third grand baby in October 2019.