Associate Minister:  Josh Robinson
Deacon Over Youth:  Dave Holloway

Our youth group is dedicated to providing spiritual encouragement to the young Christians of this congregation.  It is the goal to supplement the teachings of the parents, never to usurp their authority or guidance.  To this end we encourage Bible study at home, and seek to build upon that in Bible classes and activities.  Many of the activities scheduled throughout the year are designed to emphasize spiritual growth.  We strive to have fun, to grow closer together and closer to God.

The Arnold Youth Group is very active and includes some of the following events:

Weekly:  Bible Classes, Devotional, Lads2Leaders

Monthly: Area Youth Devotionals,

Yearly:  Lads2Leaders Convention, Camp @ BYC, Campaign, Retreat, Lock-Ins, Evangelism University, RUSH @ FHU, VBS,