What to Expect When Services Resume On June 7th

General Guidelines

If you are sick or feel you are at-risk by attending, please stay home and watch the livestream at 10am on Sunday.

  1. Worship times will be 8am and 10am Sunday. Please choose one service to attend.
  2. There will be no classes or other gatherings, like fellowships, SPARKS at this time.
  3. Feel free to wear a face mask and/or gloves.
  4. Please observe social distancing at all times including using the restroom, going to and from your seat, and socializing outside
  5. There will be special designated seating areas in order to maintain social distancing during worship
  6. ALL FAMILY MEMBERS SIT AND STAY TOGETHER including the teens. Maintain social distance of 6 feet from other groups or individuals.
  7. If you desire to socialize, please do so in the parking lot before or after
  8. A Bible class will be streamed on Sunday, the elders are encouraging all families to watch together at your convenience.

Entering the Building

Please come right in and find a seat in one of the designated seating areas and do not gather in groups. As the auditorium fills up, ushers may direct you to a seat.  There will be overflow in the fellowship hall once the auditorium and balcony are full.  NOTE THAT USUAL SEATING PLACES MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE.

Lord’s Supper

The portable communion cups will be in trays, please pick one up as you enter.  We will partake at the end of service and as you leave, please deposit in the provided trash receptacles.


You may continue to drop off at the building in the outside boxes.  The other options are online giving, by mail or there will be a tray provided at the exits for you to use as you leave if you attend at the building on Sunday.

Exiting Procedures

The ushers will dismiss by pew beginning at the rear of the auditorium downstairs.  Those in the fellowship hall will need to exit before those in the balcony to maintain the social distance requirements.  Once the fellowship hall is clear then the usher will dismiss those in the balcony.

Other Thoughts

There will be a cleaning crew between the two services.

This is all new to each of us and we will get through it together.  Therefore, may we all use patience and kindness toward everyone.

The elders wish to thank all of our members ahead of time for your cooperation and understanding.

-The Elders