March 24, 2020 Update

New Announcement from the elders.

Greetings from the elders at Arnold. We want all of our members to remember us in your prayers and also to pray for the current situation. Many innovative ways of staying connected are being used. Some of our members are not as technologically savvy as others, please reach out to as many as you can. Thank you to the volunteers that are working with Dan to ensure needs are being met.

The elders met Monday after the stay at home order for Jefferson County was issued. Although the church is exempt from the stay-at-home order due to our small number of employees, we are making a few changes to keep everyone safe while still providing essential services to our members.

Here are the decisions that came from this meeting.

1. We will continue the live stream on Wednesday and Sunday. There will be a limited number of people in the building, just enough to bring the service to you.

2. The office will remain open for pickups and drop-offs. All members, please call ahead. The staff has been instructed to keep the office door locked. We want to protect them as well as anyone that may come in the building. If you want to drop off your contribution, call ahead and a method will be used to utilize social distance compliance. Since this has been deemed necessary, there will not be a regular bulletin as we have eliminated it for the time being. However, there will be a more detailed ebulletin on Friday.

3. The volunteer system being used to meet needs will continue. (Please comply with the social distance practice when dropping off items or picking up things.)

4. The elders have given approval for online and app giving. This will be communicated later after the setup is completed and tested.

5. The elders also approved the purchase of a Zoom account. This app can be utilized by small groups to virtually meet. This can be used for online classes and virtual meetings. The elders plan to use this on Wednesday for the first time for our elders meeting. More information/instructions will be coming for this app later. To be clear, this is NOT for our live streaming. The current method will continue to be used.

The elders realize that many changes have been happening in all of our lives and we continue to pray for all of our members. May we all continue to serve the Lord in any way that we can and bring glory to His name despite all the inconveniences we currently are having to endure.

May God bless us all. Stay safe, stay vigilant, stay in prayer.

-The Elders

Updated March 21, 2020

The elders are praying for all of you and the situation. We have concluded that another change is needed. Thank you all for being flexible and supportive.

In order to keep our members and community safe and to follow local rules banning meetings of more than 10 people, we will be live streaming our worship service on Sunday at 10am instead of meeting together at the church building as previously planned.  We encourage all members to worship from home using the live stream. Additional details will follow.  Please continue praying for the situation, limit social contact, and follow the CDC and community guidelines.

The elders wish to thank everyone for all the words of encouragement and your prayers. Please continue to pray for us as we make decisions to help you remain physically and spiritually strong.

In order to keep our members and community safe, we will be live streaming our worship service on Sunday at 10am instead of meeting together at the church building.  We encourage all members to worship from home using the live stream. A link to the live stream along with a call in number will be sent out on Sunday morning.

During the live stream, we will have a time set aside for communion (Lord’s Supper).  We suggest picking up some grape juice and unleavened bread at a grocery store or Walmart. Some stores are stocking unleavened bread now because of Easter or flour tortillas can be used.

Communion juice and bread can also be picked up at the fellowship hall back door (under the canopy) of the church building on Saturday from 9:30am – 11:00am and from 2pm – 4pm.  If desired, contribution checks can be dropped off at the building at this time.

If you are home-bound or not getting out and need communion juice or bread, please call or text Dan at 314-452-5756 and we’ll have one of our volunteers bring it to you.

Please know that you are continually on our minds, in our hearts and in our prayers.

In Christ,
The elders of the Arnold church of Christ

Updated March 17, 2020

Important Special Announcement from the Elders

First of all, the elders ask for your prayers and to pray for everyone during this challenging time.  Mostly pray that through all of this, God’s people will shine as a light and that He will be glorified.  May we use every opportunity to reach the lost.

The elders continue to closely monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and community response.  In order to protect all of our members, we, the elders, are announcing the following immediate changes and recommendations for members of the Arnold church of Christ.

1. Our Wednesday Night Service and our Sunday Bible Classes are canceled until further notice. Our plan is to stream a Bible lesson on Wednesday at 7pm.  We will follow-up with instructions.

2. Church-related group activities are canceled until further notice including Tuesday Ladies Bible Class, SPARKS and Youth Group Activities, Anchor activities, Young Family activities, Prime-Timer activities, and all Fellowships.

3. The following Spring activities and events are canceled – the Spring Gospel Meeting, the adult campaign to Minnesota, and the Lads to Leaders Convention trip.

4. Sunday worship – our plan at this point is to follow the CDC recommendations of limiting events and gatherings to 50 people or less.  We plan to have 3 Sunday worship services for members who are not considered at-risk and choose to attend.  We will have an 8am, 10am, and 5pm service. We are asking that members who are not at-risk attend only one of these Sunday worship services in order to limit the group size.  We will limit the auditorium to 50 members and overflow to the balcony or fellowship hall, where we will be live-streaming the worship.  We will be taking steps to limit physical interaction and germ spreading during the worship services.

Our plan is to live-stream the 10am service for those who do not attend worship in-person.  We will follow-up with instructions of how to participate.

We are asking that at-risk members and families do not attend the Sunday worship services. The CDC has determined that some people are at higher risk than others of getting very sick (including intensive care hospitalization and death) from this illness. This includes older adults and people who have serious chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes or lung disease.

Specifically, the elders are asking our members to follow these instructions:

1. If you are in your 70s or older, please stay home and use the live-streaming option.
2. If you are sick or have symptoms of cough, fever, or shortness of breath, please stay home and use the live-streaming option.
3. If your immune system is weak or you are susceptible to getting sick, please stay home and use the live-streaming option.
4. If you have an at-risk member in your immediate family or staying at your house, please stay home and use the live-streaming option.
5. If you are practicing “social distancing”, would prefer to limit social contact, or have concerns about being in a group, please stay home and use the live-streaming option.

5. Bible Study – We encourage our members to participate in a family Bible study on Wednesday evening and at other times during the week.  Our plan is to stream a Bible lesson on Wednesday at 7pm.  We will follow-up with instructions.

6. Giving – our congregation still has many financial obligations and we want the Lord’s work to continue through this crisis.  We ask that you continue to give your contribution, even if you are unable to attend worship services.  Some options include mailing in your contribution, online banking, or dropping your contribution by the church office. If you are an at-risk member and not getting out, you can also contact the office and request that one of our volunteers come by and pick up your contribution.

7. Needs and Sharing – Dan will be heading up an effort to serve and minister to our at-risk members and those affected by the coronavirus situation.  We will be asking for volunteers to pick up and deliver needed supplies to our at-risk members who are not leaving their homes.  There may also be needs and situations where some members have specific needs and other members have resources that can be shared.  More details and instructions will be forthcoming on how you can help or how you can let other members know of your needs.

Please remember that these measures are not meant as any test or indication of an individual’s faith, but are meant to protect all of our members.  Please use your best judgment for each of your families while heeding the instructions above.  Please diligently pray for the situation, for the elders and your church family.

The Coronavirus situation and response is rapidly changing and it is likely that we will be making further adjustments.  It is even possible that we may need to resort to a live-stream-only worship, but for now you are being asked to follow these guidelines.  We will provide updates as necessary on Facebook, the eBulletin, on our web-site and by text.  If you know of a member who does not use email or social media, please feel free to contact them and give them this information.

The elders
Arnold church of Christ