Here at The Arnold church of Christ, we have a very active prison ministry that is currently working with three institutions in Eastern Missouri. We strive to consistently teach and preach the truth of God’s Word in each of the facilities. The eldership at Arnold oversees this great work. They provide the primary funding for the work, and there is additional financial support from area congregations.

Arnold began a prison ministry in 1984 and continues to follow in the grand tradition initiated by men like Leamon Stewart, Bill Patterson, Mitch Murphy, and Travis Quertermous.

The following is a listing of the institutions we serve and the corresponding volunteers:

Missouri Eastern Correctional Center (MECC) – Pacific, MO

  • Tracts and Bible correspondence courses handed out each Thursday
  • Lord’s Day Service is held at 1 pm weekly
  • Annually there is a Holiday Bag Giveaway to every inmate
  • Donation of men’s clothing on an ongoing basis.
  • StoryLink each first Saturday of the month (This program allows inmates to record the reading of a book for a child and then send both the book and recording to them.)
  • Volunteers: Tom Wessel, Susan DeJarnette, Kevin Isenberg, Jim Christian, Zach Curry, Wade McGlawn and Dan Curry.

Eastern Regional Diagnostic & Correctional Center (ERDCC) – Bonne Terre, MO

  • StoryLink is conducted every 2nd Wednesday of the month.
  • New Life Behavior class each Tuesday Morning
  • New to this facility, each Tuesday (after class), we facilitate an ITC program (Intensive Community Treatment). Please read the Newsletter for more information. Additionally, Bible teaching and counseling are offered to these inmates. On Friday evening, we provide devotionals, prayers, and encouragement.
  • Volunteers: Kevin Isenberg, Gene & Susan DeJarnette, Wade & Linda McGlawn, Tom Wessel, Dan, Jill & Zach Curry, and Deann Bray.

Farmington Correctional Center (FCC) – Farmington, MO

  • Services are held every Sunday in the “A” Chapel
  • Classes are taught each Wednesday afternoon
  • StoryLink is offered each fourth Tuesday of the month
  • Volunteers: Dan Curry & Tom Wessel, Wade and Linda McGlawn

Any questions about the prison work? Please contact