There is an excitement that comes with helping others.  The Bible tells us to do good to everyone we can, and we Christians at the Arnold church of Christ strive to do that daily.

One of the ways we work to do good is to provide food to those in need.  We maintain a food pantry with dry goods available to anyone who may have a need. The pantry is accessible to members and those in the community who come seeking help. Additionally, the Paragould Children’s Home takes a load of food from the pantry twice each year to help meet the needs of the children they serve.

Last fall, a new way to provide food to others was started.  Every couple of months, homemade freezer meals are being prepared and kept in a freezer in the fellowship hall.  These are available for our shut-ins, members who might be suffering from an illness, those who recently had a child or other instances where meals are needed.  They are also available for people in the community.
The meals are prepared on the third Sunday of the month during our Spiritual Growth Activity at 11:00 a.m.  Any member can take a meal or meals to someone who they know would benefit from them.  This is just another way to show and share the love of God in Christ.

In other words, just another day in the life of the Christians who meet together in Arnold.


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